Our Guests Villa Reviews & Kind Words

“Sometimes places come across your live you’ll never forget: Villa Genna is one of it. Sometimes you are looking for the right words to describe a special feeling or an extraordinairy atmosphere that has made you incredibly happy, and you don’t find them: Villa Genna could be the reason why. And sometimes – in a foreign country – you meet people, which are so full of discreet but warm hearted and natural kindness, that you immediately fall in love with them: In Villa Genna it can happen. I will try to resume: The place, the house, the atmosphere around and the people who rent it are exceptional in the very best sense. The views from the house are spectacular, the interior is tasteful and inviting, and regarding the pool, it is a perfect refreshment when you come home after a long ride around the island. And if you love cats, you will make friends in a very short time. Is there anything you want more? Sure there exist an endless number of special places, things and people all over the world. Sure you can search relaxation and fulfillment of dreams everywhere. But if you once have been there, you will surely find it here and return, because Villa Genna will stay in your heart.”
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